Monday, March 31, 2008

(some finished, others notes for poems never written)


when mets’ pitcher pedro martinez grabbed his left hamstring
after delivering a pitch home
then and hopped up and down
i thought, “I wasn’t counting on pedro much this season anyhow.”
And it’s true.
He had only five starts last season, not 32,
and even after a late season swoon,
the second worst in baseball history,
the mets still only finished a game out of first place.


gilmore girls’ rory’s first kiss of logan,
at her grandparents’ vows renewal,
was rerun this evening on the abc family channel
three years before the show ends
and she declines his wedding proposal
and we’re rid of him for good


pdfing old issues all night
while I watch tv
sending them to coverboys
to share just what we see

ian called and recited u2’s pride into my answering machine


poem in notebook


if she's all that
then what are you
drinking different flavored sodas
according to yr moods


talk to ian about everything
but ian
mention how t-shirts honoring baseball’s newest Japanese import
the cubs new outfielder are selling like, well, hotcakes
spell out his last name—


last mets opening day at shea


it’s free to do yr taxes online
when u didn’t earn that much


I have this theory
That if you watch three episodes in a row of a reality show
From the beginning
Then you’re hooked for the season
So i’ve been watching American idol this season
And I’m hooked
And they voted out this Australian guy
Instead of these three women
I don’t vote
But fuck it I’ll still complain.


go outside for first time in long time
(is it too long when you can’t remember when?)
deposit month’s worth of checks
because I probably should by now
pick up scrips
and shop for groceries
bring ice cream home
so it won’t melt while I wait for delivery
put it in fridge eight minutes before gilmore girls.


the recent pay-per-view releases
are $4.99
and I don’t feel like dropping that much
on this nothing on tv Saturday night
so I check the older releases
(they’re only $2.99)
settle on the wes anderson film I haven’t seen,
the life aquatic with steve zissou


new mets stadium
Philip in t-shirt in cold crosses his arms against his chest permanently
Says he’s not cold

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